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To be Kingmaker.


Content Marketing is an upcoming Digital Marketing trend.   Social Media has changed our lives, consumers get used to receiving a huge amount of information from Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. Therefore creation of meaningful promotion content, together with proper distribution channels, Viral Marketing Effect can be achieved at a low cost.

Digital Marketing

Based on Big Data analysis, we tailor Digital Marketing Strategy for individual client and compose copywriting and visual design. With professional Social Media Strategy and Search Engine Optimization (SEO), promotion outcome can be maximized. ​

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Media Strategy

According to clients' needs, market positioning and target audiences, we propose the most suitable Media Plan. From Social Media to Traditional Platform, e.g. television commercial, radio commercial to press and magazine advertisement, we suggest the most favorable choice and provide the promotion content.

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We provide a wide variety of video production services, including television commercial (TVC), online advertisement, corporate video, music video (MV), short film; our professional team can provide full-service from pre-production, shooting to post-production.


Upon clients' request, we offer publication solution. Our all-in-one service consists of research, interview, compilation and publication, with comprehensive support to bring any idea to publish.

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